Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Unbelievable!! Yesterday I could not get a picture posted. Today, for over an hour I couldn't even find this blog. There is hope for everyone!! I was out walking this morning, looking at the beauty around me, even to flower petals and leaves fallen off their respective hosts and into the street - and thinking again how inspiring the smallest bit of nature is to an artist. We do, indeed, see the world through different eyes, and endeavor to bring others to see what we "see." Where I live, the leaves are falling off the trees not because it is fall already, but because it has been very hot and there has been no rain for quite a while!! I start looking for leaves this time of year in yards and in the street to use as pottery molds, (leaf mold sounds more like something you fertilize the flower bed with than something used to make a ceramic tile.) as ingredients for collages - and a number of other things. The shapes are quite incredible. The illustrated needlepoint canvas really has nothing to do with leaves and nature and pottery, but I chose it as my last effort at posting a picture to this blog. Now, if I can manage it again tomorrow, I will be quite pleased with myself. Back to the subject of leaves - I even treat some of the larger ones to gold and silver spray paint for Christmas decorations. Very effective!!

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