Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's morning now, and I was just looking at what I posted last night (very tired, I was) and have made a new resolution or two. 1. To learn how to do this properly and do it often. Blogging is new to me, and I need to explore the techniques and options and make it look better and be more informative and interesting. 2. Get a new digital camera, as the image quality is poor with mine - i.e. fuzzy pictures. Mine is one my sweet and supportive son-in-law gave me for learning. It took me a while, as I am a bit (or a lot) mechanically challenged. The first time I took pictures and managed to get them into the computer, I couldn't find them for three days. 3. Rip out that light green on the ornament and replace it with "petite Very Velvet" by Renaissance - in a darker green. Whatever was I thinking? Or was I thinking at all?? Ripping out is penance for me - terrible penance. BUT - I believe it was Beau Brummel who said "Haste is the enemy of perfection."

Monday, April 16, 2007

On playing with "fabrics" and effects replicated in needlepoint - the object of the preliminary stitching on the "Crazy Quilt" pieces is to duplicate the effect of the fabric patches, and not just make a sampler collection of textured needlepoint stitches. After all, the embellishment is the important part - in addition, of course, to the color selections and the shapes, etc. I started this exercise for myself in preparation for attempting Allison's beautiful block that was created for my first article in Needlepoint Now magazine - to be "out" next week. Small ornaments seemed to be the best way to practice and invent, so I chose a small border block from the Fan Quilt to begin. It is below in this blog, along with the assemblage of the stitching materials (the exciting part, but here it is again in case you missed it: Starting with the mottled purple patch, I found two purple silks in approximately the same colors, and used a simple stitch to show both. It seemed a good idea to further enhance by adding beads for a bit of sparkle. (better for a Christmas ornament) For the red, which is another fabric with shades, I used an overdyed cotton by Caron Collection, and by using a horizontally worked stitch, there are "shades" showing well but subtly. For the green, where the silk ribbon embellishment will be, I chose a silk and worked it in a simple textured stitch to avoid it's being boring, but not to overwhelm and fight with the embroidery. It is, after all, just a background. The gold patch seemed to require a diagonal pattern (in my mind), so it was worked in a slanted stitch with a satiny looking rayon ribbon floss - with gold beads for sparkle. This is what the unembellished ornament looks like: My mind is a bit foggy as I'm doing this - as I have been packing for the great move to my daughter's house until my new one is ready. Looking forward to it as an "extended visit." I do hope she is. Hopefully I will soon have this piece all embroidered with silk ribbon and other yummy things, and Vikki will add big beads and a wonderful tassel at the bottom.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I had really wanted to play with this new "toy" and show my needlepoint Crosses - designs inspired by Talavera ceramics - before Easter, but the very strange weather and late freeze and sleet had put me down with a respiratory infection - that's pretty sick when I can't play on the computer or stitch!! Anyway, here they are - and headed for the Dallas market this coming weekend.