Thursday, February 15, 2007

A new resolve!!!! I have spent so much time looking at OP blogs (Other People's) that I forgot to attend my own. They have been entertaining, motivating, and inspiring - so I shall try to do the same with mine. Lately I have been totally absorbed in designing and stitching interpretations of Art Crazy Quilts, and have spent hours and hours admiring and drooling over Allison Aller's work. (with her encouragement - and, I'm sure, curiosity.) Anyway - along with this suddenly dropped into my lap the opportunity for a designer profile on the Caron Collection web page - which includes pieces stitched totally with their threads. It has been a delightful experience exploring and discovering these gorgeous fibers - all natural and no synthetics. (except for a few decorative ones, which I will use for Christmas.) This piece hasn't been embellished yet - so here it is "before." "After" will follow shortly when this dreadful weather lets up and I can go shopping for more threads.
Notice on the close up that the little French knot "berries" appear to be shaded - this is one strand of the overdyed cotton "Watercolours" - delightful effect. I also used it on the flower "trim" where the shading is a bit more subtle.
The yellow patch includes my "beading technque." More on that later
Meanwhile, look at Allison's web page and also see her blog. Lots of good links, too.


Linda S. said...

Your stitching is so lovely. If it weren't supper time I would follow all the links and search the archives..grin

Allison Ann Aller said...

YAY!!!! Judy, I am so glad you have rejoined the bloggosphere.
Your stitching is truly awesome and will be an inspiration to many!