Friday, March 23, 2007

This is the fun part!! Getting into the "stash" and choosing fibers and beads.

While Allie was gone luxuriating in primitive bliss in Mexico, I was working hard on practicing for THE BLOCK. I learned many years ago to do something of use so as not to waste time and materials when working out new effects- so this is how it begins:

I chose a colorful and interesting (klepped from her blog with her permission, of course) border block from the Fan Quilt (in progress) Starting with a small piece is easier - so I shaped it as a Christmas ornament - always a good use for small practice pieces.

This is the work table "in progress" (the paperweight cross with shells is one I made in pot class that I didn't send to the garage in disgrace). Notice that there are other JC Fan border blocks as well, and lots of tracing paper and little sketches, etc. Good "images" to impact the mind. I will begin stitching today!

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Allison Ann Aller said...

Very interesting!
I love that you chose the block with Lord Chaitanya on it... ;-)

This is such a neat cross pollinization process....