Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Evening bags in needlepoint!! PAISLEY

I was motivated to do this after looking at Rengin's blog - which I found via Allie's in Stitches, of course. There is another CQ heart ready - but this is more interesting to me, as Rengin's beautiful Paisley shawl struck a chord. One of my favorite design motifs. My good friend Marilyn, whom I have trained well what to look for in her world travels, brought me gorgeous books from her last jaunt to India (without the kids this time), dealing with Textiles of India - and PAISLEY! I painted an evening bag flap for her - which nobody has stitched yet, as I put it on black canvas, and won't touch it myself. Then had to go on and do a few more - and put the same designs on white for a change, where they started to look like Christmas stocking cuffs. HMMMM. Idea. The two black ones have a definite shape with the curves and the point - so would be lovely as an evening bag front - but the white one, the third of these designs (also done in black) could be turned over and made into a glittering stocking cuff. Lots of possibilities for beads, etc. and other glittery stuff.

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