Monday, December 17, 2007

Close-up of the Pelican

Well - I'm still not as adept at this as I would like to be - I lost the close-up on the previous blog - so here it is!! That bright white band with the "jewels" is kind of distracting, but it will be easier to stitch, as the settings are metallic gold.


Peter Chen said...


Thanks for leaving a comment in my post What a grateful blogger did for me. I have responded to your comment.

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Peter Chen said...

Hi Possibilities, etc.,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my post How you can help Blogger Tips and Tricks. I am now slowly going through my mails, and came across yours. Don't know if the above and this one refers to the same matter, but whatever it is, I have responded, and I do not know if it had helped?

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