Friday, May 11, 2007

Planning for a Sept./Oct. article - and want to do it re: design sources for painted canvas. I ordered this wonderful, gaudy, "tourist style" Mexican Talavera plate from Mufungo on Wednesday, and received it by UPS on Thursday. Class act, this store! Even the box was nice. Anyway - I do love the primitive, hand painted things, and this one is complete with even a thumbprint in the underglaze. At the present time, it is lying on a white sheet, and as I walk by on my household errands, I turn it a bit - decision about which direction to use to put it on a square to make a pillow in needlepoint. I also chose this particular piece, as the colors will lend themselves nicely to Christmas mini-stockings and ornaments. I will challenge myself to see how many different things I can do with it. Maybe even a piece with some beads on it. (However, I am weary of beads at this time due to the Seashell from H~~~ fiasco.) Maybe later when I recover from that. What more could an Aging Artist want than Talavera plates and Art Crazy Quilts for inspiration??!!!!

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Allison Ann Aller said...

I love the lay-out of the design will indeed have fun with this!