Saturday, May 19, 2007

This project, which I should have abandoned but didn't - (stubborn determination) started several years ago when I decided to paint sea shells on needlepoint canvas again. This time, however, they were "jeweled" and the colors were changed to kind of Mediterranean bright pastels. Being an amateur marine biologist, I used the pictures of actual shells so that they are anatomically correct, but just changed the colors and added sparkling "bump" stitches as jewels. The pink and yellow shell is a picture of an actual Mediterranean Scallop - and is actually that glorious combination of colors. Soooo - that picture became this on needlepoint canvas. The pink version one had no "pearls" on it, and looked a bit uninteresting - so I changed the color and added the jewels. A few weeks ago I needed something of this sort to use to demonstrate my "all over" beading technique on needlepoint - and decided to use this one. It was a forced decision - and after almost 40 years of professional designing I do know better, but will periodically try it anyway. From the beginning it was a disaster, but I kept on and on hoping it would get better, as there is a great deal of time invested in it - but it didn't. It never got any better in spite of my efforts and persistence. So I will put it away in a box and hope it doesn't "call" to me to get it out and try it again. I have named it the Shell from H~~~. The colors I like, but it is a bit boring to look at, and very boring to stitch - which defeats the whole purpose of a piece of needlework. Moral of the story is: Don't force it!!!! Just go with your better creative instincts.

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Allison Ann Aller said...

It might have been boring to stitch, but I don't see anything else to be displeased with here!