Friday, August 24, 2007

Needlepoint Crazy Quilt Block - Finished!!

I think it was Beau Brummel (Stewart Granger played the part back in my young, impressionable years, when he still had gray sideburns and a devastating smile) who said "Haste is the enemy of perfection." I was in haste this afternoon to show this piece I have labored over for so long - and haven't blocked it yet. It is quite crooked - but that will work out fine later.
The original block is part of the border of the beautiful creation now called"SummerMandala." (Allison Aller's quilt, of course) I had to take liberties with both fibers and stitches in trying to recreate the look of the fabrics - and also on the embellishment, as I am limited to what can be done with a chenille needle and my ability (or lack of it, as I am a beginner with some of these things) to embroider on top of finished needlepoint, which is thick and stiff. I did have the joy of dumping out my stash and using things long forgotten - or threads I hadn't been able to use yet - like the YLI Spark Organdy, which was used to make the little blue French knots on the lower right. I was rather pleased with myself in the execution of the stem stitch veins in the leaves - as it was done freehand, and I followed the original drawing I made without being able to make marks on the leaves themselves. Also new to my experience in stitching is chain stitch - so I am also liking the upper left green patch with the gold flowers, as it was used to join them. The flowers themselves were smyrna cross "bump" stitches incorporated into the stitching and not worked on top. It's late in the day now, and I am really tired, as I have been pushing a deadline to finish this - so I will avoid the customary and expected PPD by eating a huge bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup - and finding a good movie to watch. As Scarlett said, "tomorrow is another day."


Allison Ann Aller said...

Heartfelt congratulations, Judy!
This is such an interesting and unique needlepoint truly stands on its own, regardless of what inspired it.
Hope there is a good movie on for you!
Loud, long applause....!!!!

Rissa said...

Very cool idea! There has been a lot of mixing of CQ themes and needlepoint lately, but this is the first block I have seen. :-)

sharonb said...

I really like the colour scheme on this project and the design motif of course!

Ati. Norway. said...

I am amazed about your needlepoint CQ block.
What a patient you must have! It looks beautiful.
I am the one who made the Heart-quilt for a little girl who has lost her dad. Thank you for the comment, My thoughts are with you!

ephphatha said...

That's my mama, that Judy Harper! I really like the leaves. Very cool.

Louisiana Momma said...

love the idea of making it look like fabric with the cross stitch.. truly amazing work.