Sunday, October 28, 2007

Before and After

Digging through a box of UFO's in the crazy quilt category, I found several needlepoint pieces that I had stitched, but put aside without the embellishment - which is what brings them to life. Soooo, since I have now learned to use the flat bed scanner that is part of my new printer, and actually find the pictures again, I thought it might be interesting to show a before and after - that is, before embellishement, and then after it is done to demonstrate how the surface embroidery brings them to life. Part of mine include "built-in" trims, as lace, ric-rac, and whatever else I can figure out. This heart actually could stand by itself without the surface embroidery, but I think it is really enhanced by a few silk ribbon flowers and the seam treatments - especially the fly stitch between the pink and orange patches. This is a great little exercise in embroidery stitches that I had forgotten. The chenille needle makes it much easier, too - as the tapestry needles we use for needlepoint are just too blunt to make it easy. This scan was made even before the beads were inserted - the bare bones of the intended "masterpiece." Only the "fabrics" are shown, plus the bit of orange flower "lace" that is composed of smyrna crosses for "bumps" and texture. The finished piece has a few flaws in it that I will probably change - like the raised spider web. I don't like it - it's messy, and somehow just doesn't fit. Otherwise, it will do fine, I think. Using the orange beads with the pink patch was interesting - I used, of course, Sundance beads - and the surface reflective quality picked up enough of the pink to make them blend nicely. Pink beads wouldn't have been nearly so interesting. On the green one, where I wanted a diagonal effect, I just used the offset diagonal mosaic, and in the spaces left (I had to turn the canvas to make them go in the direction I wanted) I used the #250, which are totally clear - and applied them with DMC floss in the same color as the silk background. It looks great, and is a lot subtler that it would have been with green beads. Now - on to the next one!!!


JoWynn Johns said...

What a gem! A delight to study. I love this combination of needlepoint and surface embroidery presented as crazy patchwork.

WesternWoodburner said...

I like your patchwork hearts and like to see the before and after pictures.