Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beginner Canvas for an Old Stitcher

I discovered these little canvases several months ago, listed as "beginner" canvases on a web page new to me, called "Happy Heart Designs." (Tish Watkins, designer) - and I kept going back to the site to look at these and other ones that were so appealing, although it has been almost 40 years since I was a beginner at needlepoint. Then, about a month ago, stricken with a terrible case of PPD (post project depression) I remembered them and begged Tish to send me two for my own use and enjoyment. I can't remember when I have enjoyed anything as much - simple, bright, small, and I had free reign to work out new techniques and stitches. Anyway - here is the result. I also thought it would be fun to see what Tish herself did with them. Her husband is a kind and patient man (my web host, as well), and sent me pictures of them for this post. Apparently Tish decided to make round ornaments with them - changed the background color, and cut off the leaves and just made a narrow background around them .
I used mine as well in my January/February article for Needlepoint Now - as I wanted to call attention to what many have forgotten - SIMPLICITY!! Basic good design, great colors, and flat areas for just enjoyable and inventive stitching.

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Happy Heart Designs said...

Judy, Although the designs are almost identical to the ones I sent you there are some slight differences. As you noted these don't have the leaves and are a bit smaller. They are also painted with more shading and on 18ct canvas as opposed to the 10ct or 13ct of the beginner canvases. These are two of the designs I'm using in my new series "In My Garden". They will be finished as a small, slightly padded ornament held atop a wooden dowel by means of a small pocket on the back. The 12 designs will be displayed '"arranged" inside a
planter of greenery. Unfortunately I didn't have the finished pieces yet to send you pictures of, these were taken just before I dropped them off at the finishers.