Friday, March 21, 2008

TIF Challenge March - Colors!

It is amazing what falls out of the thread stash when a box is dumped out - and I have multiple boxes for doing this. Except for the Peruvian textile designs, which I will hopefully have painted on canvas and ready for stitching soon - at least before the end of March, I had not been able to think of a small and "do-able quickly" project for the use of the lovely colors for March. The response to my article on diaper pattern in the current issue of Needlepoint Now has been gratifying, and also surprising. (I have now added several to my web page as "e-patterns.") Sooo yesterday I decided to draw a new one - and there it was!! A pattern that just called for the March color palette. Instead of the usual sparkle and glitter and shine that I normally use for stitching these small pieces, this one seemed to call for a more subtle and subdued type of materials. With these colors, the gold metallic is a must, but a gold that "gleams" instead of sparkles. I used the Kreinik metallic braid, #002V. The beads to be used are shiny, rather than glittering - Sundance has the same colors in both smooth and hexagonal, which is one of the many things I love about their beads. One has a choice in the surface effect. Diaper pattern, which was defined by Owen Jones in 1856, is a series of parallel, intersecting lines - vertical, horizontal, and diagonal, which form repetitive geometric designs. I take great liberties (artistic license) with these, and add flowers and "jewels" and other decorative shapes, as long as they maintain the geometry and symmetry. Learning to recognize these details, otherwise unnoticed or taken for granted, in many areas and applications - trellis work, brickwork, caning, (as the picture - a needlepoint version of caning), etc. is one of those things that enhances the visual experience, and makes the images around us more interesting. I used the Rainbow Gallery Petite Very Velvet as the background on this one, plus the Splendor silk in the same color for the small diamond shapes around the dark blue "jewels." The light strikes these surfaces differently - the silk has a sheen that is broken up by the light, and the velvet stitched in basketweave looks just like a smooth, soft velveteen. The sophisticated, but still dressy appearance of this thing would be great for a purse - it could simply be expanded to a square or rectangular shape.

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LovetoStitch99 said...

Great choice of color combination. They all go so well together and give a rich appearance.

Pierrette =^..^=