Saturday, April 18, 2009

Adaptations for Needlepoint

Jan Fitzpatrick's new website is finally "live" this morning - and will be another wonderful diversion and learning experience for those of us who are interested. She will go into detail as she designs new pieces, explaining why the source interests her in the first place, how she researches, and then adapts the designs to needlepoint. Choosing threads and colors will also be part of it.

The illustration here is a newly finished "tile" which is one of her favorite things. Jan's work is counted and charted, which fascinates me, as I could never get the hang of it when I wanted to do the Persian rugs and Kilim weaves.

I'll really enjoy watching this, as well as her blog, as it's great design work, and so different from my own painted canvas designs. Berber rugs and Moroccan ceramics and textiles seem to be her favorite source, in addition to the charming traditional patchwork coasters she has made - I think instructions are now available for several of those. Do go and look at this great site:

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