Monday, April 20, 2009

Fish Rubbings and Japanese Art

I was looking at this web page this morning, hoping to choose what I want this summer, as my son and his family spend a great deal of it on Cape Cod (at Brewster) - and usually bring me back something gorgeous in the way of a new T-shirt to enhance my wardrobe.

These items, which include a lot more than T-shirts, are made by an old Japanese method of printing with inks right from the sea creature itself (Gyotaku) - a fascinating technique, which is explained on the web site.

The colors used by this company are really gorgeous! My favorite is a pair of bright pastel scallop shells - but I can't find it right now for illustration. Probably in the laundry basket unironed.

Anyway, Cape Cod is certainly interesting - I used to order great candles at wholesale there (Colonial Candles of Cape Cod) when I was in my accessory painting phase, and painting wildflowers for the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center - and also Impressionist interpretations for a gift store here in Austin. (Breed & Co.) Painted candles are great decorative items! (More on that later.)

Also, Anne Stradal lives there now, so if I hitch a ride to Brewster this summer with my son, I could go visit her and see the lighthouses in person, and she swears she makes a great omelette- what fun to look forward to. Meanwhile, do go visit Blue Water Fish Rubbings and enjoy!


Anne Stradal said...

My omelettes are only surpassed by my homemade clam chowder!

Cyn said...

Hi Judy,

I showed the prints to DS and he said that he did this at camp one summer! :-)

Road trip to Anne's?

Windy Meadow

g said...

I worked with this technique at college and used a flounder...I made several silk screened images of different rubbings...a facinating way to explore textures and colors...
sadly the flounder was not up to be eaten after I had finished with