Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Church Work!

A friend took this photo and brought it to me - it's a Communion Server's bench that I designed for Church of the Good Sheperd here in Austin apparently five years ago, as 2004 is the date on it. (I couldn't remember)

It was a gift to the church from the senior Sunday School class that year. I used the theme of the grapes, as on the St. Andrews kneelers - and the chalice was taken from an actual one used by this church.
There is a gold Latin cross at the bottom, but it's hard to see, as this is a digital camera pic. from a glossy photograph my friend brought over. We aren't real "swift" with these electronic devices.
I thought this might give some of you an idea of something to do for your own churches. Also - I'm busy with other things, and haven't anything new to post right now. Maybe in a day or two.

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