Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Outlining (and Mitered Background)

This is a picture I wanted to show as an example of the benefit of outlining a shape against a textured background. It's on this blog under the label stitching, but I couldn't find it's companion, which was a blue flower - beginner pieces I stitched from Happy Heart Designs a long time ago.
I used these to illustrate an article I did in NN on beginner pieces about two years ago or so - and this one shows the benefit of outlining even the shaped elements in the rose, as they now have neat, non-raggedy, defined edges.
Also, against the textured background, it just looks better and was easier to work. The border is made with Long-armed Cross Stitch, which is my favorite for this sort of thing.
The background is mitered, to demonstrate that texture can be used as well as on the flower, if it's kept simple. I like this stitch, but it is very directional, which I didn't want because of the distraction it would be - so it's mitered. Easy to do by just marking the grooves at horizontal and vertical centers to show where to end one section, turn the canvas, and do another. It kind of makes the central pattern motif a definite focus on the canvas!
Notice the beads on the background are orange, which further enhances the directions of the four areas. (I hadn't finished inserting the beads yet when this picture was taken)
These are small, simple things one can do with ease, and not requiring a lot of skill - I really enjoy them, myself, as a break from the tedious, more serious things.

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marianne said...

Thank you for a boost for *outlining* It is a design technique I use often but many people don't *get* it. the more we all know, the better we stitch.