Sunday, September 13, 2009

Outline Dilemma and a New Talavera Cross

This little cross gave me problems in painting, due to the fact that the background is a very dark navy, and typically, on the ceramics, the outline of the pattern elements is also navy. On this one, it is actually grey, which I don't like, so it took me a while to figure out what to do, as the leaf veins, etc. are dark navy on the actual ceramic piece.

I solved the problem by just painting the outline in kind of medium blue, which shows up well - not really too pretty on the canvas, but my thought, when the light came on finally, is to stitch the outlines in what I love using on these - the Kreinik 018HL dark, bright navy metallic braid. Then the background can be worked in basketweave with simply silk or cotton floss.

I used a green Sharpie ultra fine point pen on the leaf to make sure I didn't paint out the light green outline that's on the real ceramic piece, just inside the dark veins. This makes it so much easier - an option I didn't have many years ago, when all we had to draw with was black.
This pen isn't suitable for trying to paint a canvas, as it's a drawing pen, the point is tiny, and the ink stays right on top of the canvas, and looks like a child with crayons playing. Easier to just paint with acrylics if you want the color solid - or, as I do, don't paint it at all if you're doing it just for yourself.

I would leave just the outlines, as I don't need to spend the time. The arrow pointing to the little square at the bottom is just to demonstrate that it is on the center, so the diaper pattern will be nicely centered when completed.

I took pictures of the design adaptation process for this one as I went along, and will do it maybe on Freebies, etc. in a few days when I can get to it. These things you can do for yourself if you know how!!

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