Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Birthday on Cape Cod!!

I was searching for something on my blog last night (didn't find it, of course) and found a post about a new blog that had just started (exactly a year ago today) that really excited me - and the excitement is still there after a year.
Today is the first birthday of The Cape Stitcher!!! I've learned SO much from Anne Stradal - and I look forward to seeing what she's doing every morning while I'm having "first coffee."
She demonstrates how effective it can be to just use simple materials, and uses decorative stitches in moderation and in good taste. Her canvases are beautifully stitch painted, so are a pleasure to work.
If you're not already watching this blog, be sure and add it to your repertoire of fine things to do for entertainment and enlightenment! My announcement of it on the "day of it's birth" can be found by clicking on "good stuff" on the side bar under LABELS.
The St. Marks lighhouse was a gift from her during pre-blog days - and her stitching is so fine, I've been afraid to work mine for fear of falling short. Maybe today is a good day to begin!
ADDENDUM: The St. Marks lighthouse is in Florida, and is one of my favorite places to escape and contemplate life in general - and enjoy the scenery. Anne has almost 100 lighhouses in her line of designs.

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