Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Very Beautiful Blog

Just a quick word about a very very beautiful blog I've been looking at with my morning coffee for a long time - Threads Across the Web by Carol-Anne Conway in the U.K.

This came to my mind - to share it - when a young designer/friend asked me what blogs I like to read. I told her I really don't look at needlepoint blogs except for two or three, as I get much better inspiration and images to "implant" in my brain by watching the very talented fiber artists at work.

The ladies of Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K. are superb in their taste and techniques - and although it isn't needlepoint, they do motivate and inspire me - exquisite taste on this one, as well as imaginative and beautiful projects.

There are great stitches and combinations of stitches that can be adapted to needlepoint, as well as just plain visual beauty. This is a picture of a beaded flower in progress, with a great explanation of how it's accomplished.

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Cool City Stitcher said...

Hi Judy,
This site is a real treasure. Thank you for sharing!