Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DMC Memory Thread and Satin Floss: New Colors!!

What a wonderful treat it was on a freezing and gloomy day to find a box full of gorgeous new threads- new colors in the Memory Thread (along with some old ones) and the new Satin Floss colors, which I have eagerly awaited!!

I'm enjoying the Satin Floss, as it has such a fine "high shine" in texture, and, as it is in the same colors as the cotton floss and pearl cotton, can be used so easily with those to make interesting effects in texture. Until these new colors were produced, however, they were limited to only about 24.

The new Memory Thread colors are really nice - and I'm quite motivated and inspired now to try them out on things like eggs and ornaments - seaweed maybe on a little underwater coral reef vignette. Hmmmm later.
ADDENDUM: It has just been called to my attention that DMC now has a really fine, informative, and fun blog - see it, written by "Emma Broidery" (is that not clever?!! LOL) HERE.


Anonymous said...

I have a weakness for loving thread. Those are some very Gorgeous colors. thank you for sharing. Cant wait to see them in projects!

Ann Flowers

Cyn said...

Hi Judy,

Thanks for the information on the DMC blog. I'm loving the Emma Broidery name!

What another terrific resource to share with those I teach. Especially the kids and teens. Thank you soooo much!

Windy Meadow