Tuesday, January 05, 2010

An Egg with Memory Thread! (DMC)

A fun surprise this morning - I received this picture from Liz Saylor at DMC. She found the egg, which I had discontinued for painting several years ago, on the web page at The French Knot in Fort Worth, and asked if she might use it - surprised me! I tried to talk her into using something else, but she insisted - and I am amazed at what she did with it.
It's worked with DMC Satin Floss and the Memory Thread, in a most imaginative way. Great stitching! The Satin Floss has a high shine, and is actually very easy to use, as when I use it, I double two plies for 18 mesh, (to make a 4 ply thread) and make a slip knot against the eye of the needle.
Anyway, she's taking it to market this coming weekend at Long Beach - and will show new Satin Floss colors and also the Memory Thread - which I need to try out myself. It adds some fabulous dimension to this design, I think.
Liz says for anyone who is attending this market, their fun and beautiful products (and my egg) can be seen in Booth #1754. I think she is handing out patterns for working it - charted things.


Last Minute Liz said...

Hi Judy - Thanks for your compliments. I could not have done it without your help. The entire egg is stitched in DMC Satin Floss - most of the colors in the new set of 24 Satin Floss colors DMC is introducing this month.
Thanks again,

NCPat said...

How great! This memory thread just keeps popping up all over!

Jan said...

A very unusual Easter egg, but a delight to see. I agree that Liz did a super job on this.

Cyn said...

Hi Judy,

Very cute and wonderful stitching!

Windy Meadow