Thursday, February 04, 2010

Another T-Stitch

I thought I might share this version of T-stitch, as it's the only one I've ever seen or used - until recently. It's a great stitch where just a little bit of texture is needed, but not overwhelming. I do these in two colors when drawing, simply to illustrate the "traveling."
The green horizontal is worked first, from right to left, and then the blue back across from left to right. It's extremely easy to visualize while stitching - the blue stitch is made from lower right to upper left, into the "green" stitch, and it forms the "T"
ADDENDUM: I just had an AHA! moment - that Sea Grass will be gorgeous used in T-Stitch! - great texture, I'm sure. If you haven't already looked at Thread Gatherer's web site for the Sea Grass colors - do go there.
BACK TO T-STITCH: I've been using this version of the stitch for about 12 years, and was unaware of another one by the same name. After looking at the ANG version, I can see the "T" clearly - but it creates an "open canvas" background, which is interesting. Maybe we should call them "T-Stich Open and Closed," as mine covers the canvas. I see other possibilities with the ANG version, so have to go play with it a while.

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Jan said...

I've never seen the over two version of this stitch. I've used the over one version several times. Some call it Skip Tent and Amy Bunger calls it Alicia's Lace. Try using one color of thread for the stitches slanting to the right and then go back and use a different shade of the color for the left slanting stitches. Gives a beautiful mottled background. Thanks for showing this version. I'll have to try it out now.