Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Coral Reefs are Finished!

I forgot until this morning that these things needed the metallic hangers stitched! Here they are with Kreinik metallic ribbon - 1/1/6" - worked several different ways on each one, as it's very versatile. I used some silver, as well as my favorite 002V.

This seems a bit redundant, as I've already shown these things with the "important" things stitched, but as the tops really finish them off, I wanted to show them again completed.

There is a new round one being worked, that will have lots of seaweed, sea grasses, and a fish - and some beads, as bubbles ascending to the surface. I didn't have time to get it finished for my deadline, but that's the way I seem to work - the best ideas at the last minute or beyond.

On the second one, I removed the seaweed I already had, as it didn't show up at all, and I wanted it to shine - so used DMC Satin Floss in the great buttonhole stitch I found on Sharon B's blog (with her permission I am using it.)

There are, of course, things I'm still not happy with - but they are only ornaments, after all, so I won't remove my errors or point them out. I'll just know to do it differently next time! Learning and experimenting is what this is about.

I have certainly enjoyed, also, researching the sea grasses and corals - fascinating!!


Tina said...


They are all beautiful-I know this are in my future-I love the ocean, well water in general being a former swimmmer now swim coach-they are wonderful. I can imagine myself diving and seeing the environments you created!


alene909 said...

These are incredible. I have really enjoyed following along with the creative process. I have learned a lot. Thanks again for the lessons.

Mary Corbet said...

Very Pretty!!! I love the variety of stitches and threads! They're really gorgeous!

Cyn said...

Hi Judy,

I like them!

You had a lot of fun stitching them and I enjoyed going along on the creative journey with you. :-)

Windy Meadow

Lakshmi said...

Hello Judy,
thanks for ur visit my blog ..
I got a chance to meet who is stitching for 40 years..your blog is very interesting and will go tru it leisurely..seems you have done lot stitching on aqua life...