Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New Silk Ribbon Rose (from Downunder)

While cruising around on my morning "visits," I went to PINTANGLE as always, and found directions to a delightful tutorial from Queensland. This blog has been on my "list" for some time, but I haven't gone there daily, so would have missed it.

Shirley, of Shirleys Twisted Threads is a delightful and talented lady, whose text I enjoy as much as her projects and pictures. This new kind of silk ribbon rose is her own invention, and she offers it as a tribute to Sharon Boggon, who has inspired us and taught so many of us so much.

I will have to go to Sharon's stitch dictionary and brush up a bit on my stitches, as this one involves a sort of "twisted chain stitch" that I don't remember how to do right now. It's actually simple, but I'm rusty at some of this. I especially enjoy doing surface embellishment on top of stitched needlepoint, and silk ribbon embroidery is almost "instant gratification."

Anyway, you can get the traveling directions to the tutorial by going to Pintangle, or go directly to STITCHIN' FINGERS to see it. It's delightful, and well worth the time.

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shirley bligh said...

Thank you so much for blogging about this rose, it is so nice of you.....and thank you so much for you lovely comments. With the way my health is at the moment I have been worried if anything happened to me this would go with me so I did need to put it out there.

I think you can print out the tutorial ..not sure...but Sharon said she was going to see about getting it publish in CQ Magazine wont that be a great boost.