Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bad Spam Experience

Before I think about what fun I had today thinking about the February TIF Challenge, I want to say that if anyone who reads this and has communicated with me by e-mail received really really strange mail apparently from me on Friday or so - it wasn't. My apologies. It was a bad "spamming" experience I think, as someone got into my address book and sent out zillions of strange "are you my friend" things. A first for me. By the time I figured it out, deleted the spammer from the user name list, and set a new password, I was frightened, frustrated, and very embarrassed. What a nuisance - I hope it is over, and that nobody else has had the same thing happen. Now - on to the "good stuff."

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Judy said...

Thanks for letting us know Judy. I received one.