Friday, February 29, 2008

Tish's Garden

I never get tired, it seems, of going to Tish Watkins' web page - her wholesale design line at Happy Heart Designs, and admiring not only her great designs - simple, colorful, and well done - but her husband's ingenuity at putting it together. My favorite lately is her lovely "in my garden" series, which seems appropriate, as the trees are leafing out here in Texas, and we look forward to flowers and critters alike (except the mosquitoes). These little ornaments-on-a-stick make me want to do each of them myself, as they are great for experimenting with new threads, new stitches - and for just plain enjoyment of looking at bright, pretty colors - and being able to finish one quickly! Part of the fun of this web page, also, is looking at the "book feature" - just click on "finished pictures," and when you get there - click on "new - in my garden series" and it will take you to the book. When the corner of the page is slightly curled, click on it, and it will turn the pages. Enlarge each picture, and it is a joy to behold - the stitching, fibers, and colors!! Reminds me. I have one in my stash that I haven't worked on yet. Must go find it and get started! Also - don't miss the link to her blog, as she has a new piece showing there too - the link is on the home page of the web site. Happy cruising!! (and enjoy turning the pages of the book!)


Emi said...

-Están bellisimos, en encantan. Con cariño Emi.

Happy Heart Designs said...

Judy, You are too kind. You know that as soon as you finish one I'll send you another to keep you busy. My mom always said that idle hands are the work of the devil. Stay tuned to the website, Steve is going to add a new toy over the weekend.

Septiembre said...

Judy, se ven muy bonito y alegran la vista.
Muy lindos.


Sue in western Washington, USA said...

Ooo, I'm going to have to go check out that website! Looks like the kind of artwork I particularly enjoy!