Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Raw Materials - Woven Leaves

The woven leaf tutorials by Allison, which she did when inspired by Ira's, somehow really caught my imagination, and I can't seem to put it aside for later - so today dug out the raw materials for maybe working this wonderful thing out for needlepoint embellishment. I had despaired of finding something to do with the February TIF colors, but after looking at the sunsets - there they are! Now I think these leaves might work into that, and help create something tangible that is art. I will use waste canvas, as it needs to be done on TOP of the stitched needlepoint background. I have the advantage with this of being able to use several different sizes of waste canvas, as the work will be on top of the stitching - so it will be interesting, I'm sure, and allow me to use several different fibers. Also, another advantage is that needlepoint "fabric" is stiff - lots of body - as opposed to working these woven leaves on a flimsy fabric, so should give me a firm ground and make the task much easier. I really am happy with the idea of having a dimensional embellishment of this sort that isn't done with silk ribbon - need the variety!! Time is short this month, but I'll try to at least get a design painted and do some practice leaves as well. Maybe digging through boxes will reveal some backgrounds already worked and ready for embellishment - I do find some strange and unexpected things there. My raw materials for beginning this thing include waste canvas, mono-canvas, paints and brushes, and my pens for both drawing a design onto paper, and then for tracing it onto the canvas!


napaneedlepoint said...

Judy --

I just wanted to let you know that you have one a "You Make my Day" award on my blog (

Thanks for making me smile!

g said... trace a design on the interesting...i have always just put a sketch beneath the canvas and just painted...that way no lines...i like to hear different methods...

NCPat said...

This looks like it will be very interesting!