Friday, April 04, 2008

Great Art in Needlepoint

On the subject of change: I was looking back through a file last night looking for something, and was amazed just at the changes of interest, style, inspiration, and subject matter in the needlepoint crosses I started painting 12 years ago. Then, my friend whose work I admire so (and sometimes envy and most of the time covet - she makes me guilty of these two of the "deadly sins" I'm afraid, as I have been surpassed), posted on her blog two absolutely gorgeous pieces she designed many years ago. The change in interest - and many times the quality of the canvas itself - is amazing. There is so little these days of the really classic, traditional, and elegant - at least that I can find - the things that one may do simply in basketweave with great pattern and color - relaxation! Take a look at these here on Gail's blog, along with other beauties she has created. I also painted a lot of the early Christian art back in the 70's and early 80's, but focused on the Book of Kells of the Celtic Christians, and the icons of the Russians, Byzantine, and Catalonians. Hmmmm. I'd rather just buy Gail's than resurrect mine.

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g said...

what a funny woman you are , so generous and knowledgable...too bad we weren't neighbors in the 70's,80's and even the 90's...kindred souls...we could have washed each other
from g