Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Rollies in Progress

"Haste is the enemy of perfection" said Beau Brummel (in the old movie starring Stewart Granger). I was really impatient to see what these things would look like - so wrapped them around a skinny rolling pin, and taped them on - wanting to see what the spirals would look like, and if they worked. They do!! The spiral trims actually meet at the right place on the other side at the seam - making a continuous line around the cylindrical shape. The red one isn't even nearly half finished, but is exciting, nevertheless. (the horizontal version of the lace and trims) I need to stitch the red around the flowers next - and then the flowers themselves, which will be worked in "bump" stitches in Kreinik metallic ribbon - a really nice, sparkling, shiny white with green leaves and yellow centers. These little "laces and trims" and "jeweled chains and bracelets" have many possibilities for design - I'm now seeing heart shaped ornaments done with the same elements, but different colors.


Happy Heart Designs said...

Judy, these are really lovely. what a great idea. I can just see you taping them around a rolling pin, you're so impatient. LOL
I hope you will show us them again when you get them finished.

NCPat said...

Very nice, and I like the second design too! These sure went quick!