Monday, April 14, 2008

Sharing a Wonderful Blog!

Just a quick note for an uplifting sight on Monday morning! Do take a look at Gail Hendrix's blog with many more of these beauties in slide show format. Needlepoint design - the painted canvas - is an art medium itself, and the one Gail and I each chose many years ago. Her work is a great example of the beautifully prepared canvas, as her painting is done right on the stitch. What is so remarkable about these pieces is that she has managed to capture not only the coloring, etc. of the dogs, but their souls and personalities as well. I found myself smiling and shedding a tear or two looking at them, as I picture having her do for me some "dearly beloved" family pets - now long gone. Of course ours would have to include a number of wonderful cats.

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