Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gloomy Day Relief: 4-Way Bargello on Eggs!

The gloom/fog/cold wet stuff continues today in Austin, and I need something colorful to brighten my day. As much as I love the Pueblo pottery adaptations, enough is enough of the brown, black and white for a little while. Also, a new project - even a small one, is good for a break - and good for the soul if it is quick and colorful.

I saw recently that someone stated that 4-way bargello would only work on squares - Dorothy Kaestner failed to mention that in her book in 1972, so when I bought that one in 1974, I set right out to do the 4-way on circles and ovals for ornaments. Of course all I had to work with was DMC cotton floss, so the finished pieces had no sparkle or zing.

I decided last night to try this technique on eggs, as I need relief from the Christmas colors, and also the "season" for these things is coming soon. Besides, the colors are pretty - and I'm seeing eggs in needlepoint that look a bit like the old spun sugar eggs of my childhood.
I pulled out two different versions of a color scheme: the first one is based on the Caron Watercolours, and the second has more sparkle, with the Kreinik metallics and Frosty Rays. I intend to take "artistic license" (Cheat) and use the PVV in between the bands of bargello, and maybe add a few beads.

The next picture is back to the seasonal colors, and the circle is tiny - only 3 1/2" diameter, so I should be able to do it tonight and post it on Freebies, etc. as a finished piece (if I get the charts done).

More relief via colors is to get back to the project I've had to put down for a while - the Crazy for Birthdays hearts. This one is March, with it's aquamarines and spring colors in sight. Daffodils will be glorious on this in silk ribbon! August is nearly finished, January is coming along nicely, and April already has it's diamonds finished. This will all get finished, I'm sure - and spring will come and I can play outside again before it gets hot - at which point I'll be wishing for the cold, wet, gloom to come again for a little while. (at least the rain). Oh well.

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