Thursday, January 01, 2009

More Geishas on Canvas!

Wonderful way to start the year for my morning coffee wake-up browse. Anne Stradal has just sent me a note that she is starting to stitch the Nippon Textures canvas from Gail Hendrix. (see this in my earlielr post from a few days ago) She explains a bit of the how and why she will do it on her blog this morning, along with a bit of history behind the style of the art that is adapted here - so do go take a look. (The Cape Stitcher)

Anne does make the comment that she very rarely stitches on other people's canvases,, as she is a designer, and busy with her own models. I have felt the same way for many years, but find myself working on hers and Gail's myself, as they are delightful and so beautifully painted. - and Anne is also currently stitching my "Nellies Imari." There is a lot to be said for a well painted canvas!! It will be interesting, as always, watching what threads and stitches she chooses - and why - as Anne is conservative in her canvas enhancement, depending on the artists's own work for the beauty of the piece. Gail has told me she is also looking forward to this experience!!


Judy S. said...

Happy New Year, Judy! I've enjoyed your blog this year and have learned lots about needlepoint reading it. Thanks.

Nina said...

Oh I can't to see what you designers do with each others canvases. Wow! Sounds like fun.