Thursday, August 06, 2009

Adapting Art and Taking Liberties: A Celtic Cross

About twelve years ago, I became very involved with Celtic knotwork and crosses and other symbolism (Leeks) while doing work for St. David's Episcopal Church here in Austin. Fascinating study, it is!!

Plotting out the knotwork of the encircled crosses of Wales on needlepoint canvas appealed to my mathematical mind, and also my love of ancient history, as these things go way back to the 6th century (St. David's time) and before. Some even show definite signs of Viking influence as the cultures overlapped.

This one is the standing cross at the parish church of St. Brynach (a contemporary of St. David's) at Nevern in Wales, and includes the top part of the base. For some reason, I had to paint it green, and add some garnets for color. (taking liberties in my adaptation)

I've done this one also, just the round top part, as a tree ornament in the same colors. Also, have stitched it years ago for a newphew-in-law who is of Welsh descent, but made it in more "stonelike" colors.

Here is a photograph of the stone carving, so you can see both sides of it - the one on the right is the view I used for my needlepoint.

For a fascinating history and series of gorgeous pictures of both the cross and the church, go to this site and browse. It's always good to know the background of a piece of art rendered in needlepoint - makes it more enjoyable!!

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NCPat said...

That is incredible! You just never cease to amaze us!!