Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beautiful Threads: Choosing Color Schemes

I ordered these beautiful threads not too long ago from Sharon B. in Australia (Pintangle).

It seems her latest fun/creative endeavor is hand dying hanks of threads - silks, cottons, and wool, and putting them into skeins. She is showing them in packages of coordinating colors, but reminded me that consistent dyelots are virtually impossible, as they are dyed a bit at a time.

She showed on a post on August 13, the total process - and it's a fascinating thing to see. Do go take a look HERE.

I already have my eye on another package, and am told she'll have even more in a few days - so I feel I need to go ahead and order what I want before it's gone. (These may be seen on her Art Fire Store.) Also, when this phase of creativity is over, she will move on to something else - I wish I had a tenth of her energy! I wonder if the woman ever sleeps. Her blog is one I check every morning, as I get so much creative inspiration from it.

Anyway, this is one way I really enjoy putting colors together for projects - and sometimes just invent projects so I can use yummy threads! An entire scheme could be taken from the second from the top perle cotton skein, as it's variations include several beauties!

I like to just dump out the stash of silks and cottons and see what's there that would go along. This package of five skeins is beautifully coordinated as to variations in dark to light shades, and in consistent intensities - makes it easier! Another factor with this package is that several different fibers are represented, which allows for interest in textures.

ADDENDUM: OOPS! I am a computer dummy, and can't get the link I gave for the dyeing process to come up - but the one here is beautiful, as it's showing her band sampler stitches done in these threads, and you can just click on "Search" on the side bar and type in "dyeing threads" - all kinds of places come up to see!!


NCPat said...

Very pretty!

sharonb said...

Thanks for saying such nice things and I ampleased you like the threads. Do enjoy them

Cyn said...

Hi Judy,

I love playing with colors!

Many, many, many years ago when I was in my very early twenties a yarn/embroidery store opened up in the largest town to us. I used to love to walk in and just sit down and look at the wall full of yarns. Wonderful!

Yes, I'm finally having a chance to start catching up on my blogs and I'm having a lot of fun working through all of your recent posts. :-)

Windy Meadow