Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creating a Color Scheme

I didn't take time to ask Sharon Boggon (a great fiber artist in Canberra, Australia, if you're not familiar with her) if I could use her photograph of colorful trash bins in New Zealand, so will just let it suffice to tell about a great aid for making a color scheme.

You can see this on her blog PINTANGLE, and also go directly to the site here: KULER Go take a look! I have plans, myself to play with it a bit - fascinating, it is.

I"m showing these zinnias, as this is the kind of thing I look for when planning color shemes of my own - I'll try it on the Kuler thing, I think. What fun!!

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SFSunset said...

Thanks for the link to Kuler. It is a cool site and I am going to recommend it to my guild. Working with color can be a bear.
Judy of SFSunset