Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Paint Your Own Canvas: a commercial

I'm very pleased to announce that I finally got out of my creative avoidance mode that I've been in for over a year, and finished what I'll call "Chapter I" of the revision of this book.

I was astonished, as really going over it page by page, that it was rather behind, and had quite a few typos in it - as I wrote it a couple of years before I got a computer or a digital camera. Materials have been expanded, but technique is the same.

I thought that by offering the book as an E-Book, it would be easier for everyone, including me - and much less expensive. I was able to put a lot more color into it that I couldn't do if having to take it to a printer.

The decision to cut it into two chapters came when I realized it was getting way too long to comfortably download - so this one deals with detailed descriptions and pictures of the "tools" and materials used in hand painting canvases - and how to use and care for them. Also included are pros and cons of oils vs. acrylics for painting, as well as some of my favorite color mixtures.

Also, there are pictures of some of my canvases illustrating interesting design sources I like to use. I'll start on Chapter II tomorrow, and hope to have it finished before the weekend is over. This will deal with the actual process from drawing a pattern to getting it onto canvas and painting it.

The E-book is available on my web page Elegant Whimsies under "E-Booklets" (or something to that effect).


Jan said...

Wonderful! I'm finally going to be able to paint my own canvases. I'll wait till next week and order them both at the same time. Thank you!

Elizabeth Braun said...

An E-book - IDEA! I'd never thought of doing that.....

Tina said...

Cool-I can hardly wait!

LIZ said...

Good Job! I wish you much success with this new book!

Cyn said...

Hi Judy,

I know the book will be wonderful!

I'm all caught up with your posts. What's next? :-)

Windy Meadow