Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beads for Bubbles

I had to put this away and not look at it for a while, as I wasn't content with the end result - it seemed too cluttered. However, I must remind myself, that the ocean floor and territory between sand and the surface has so much more going on than we see in a clean and orderly fish bowl - I had been looking at Anne's wonderful project and forgot that part of it. (She has now posted the finished fish bowl)

We must remind ourselves of environmental protection, as it would be a shame to lose this glorious "clutter" in the sea. I was astonished at the beautiful colors and at the variety of marine life, although I've studied it for many years. I hadn't really looked at the coral reefs closely.

I was correct in my original comment about making the spaces for the beads, representing bubbles, equidistant when I marked them. I would have put stitches to fill some of them in, but as I had worked the needle blending, it would have been a lot of trouble to figure out what to put where. The next best thing was to go ahead and put both sizes Sundance #250 clear beads, and stagger the placement - random.

With this project finished, I'm not sure what to do next - all out of ideas. Anyway, I have painting to do to keep me busy.


Front Range Stitcher said...

Not cluttered at all. I studied the picture before reading the post and I didn't have the feeling things were cluttered in the least. I was thinking of this piece as a magical metamorphosis and how you took it from a lovely painted design to this fun whimsical finish! Oh, and I think the bubbles are perfect too.

Pat said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. And for the lovely compliments. I visited your ebay shop; love the items you have for sale there. Your blog is inspirational; it's great to watch your creative process.

coral-seas said...

Ah! yes. I don't think this is at all cluttered. My memories of diving the Barrier Reef are somewhat dim now, but those reefs where busy, busy, busy. I love the bubbles and I especially love that you have included 'my' starfish :-)

What to do next? Too few projects or too many?