Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Jeweled Palm for the Day

I found this picture while going through a file on "jeweled" things - both flora and fauna. It's from another of my phases - or "binges" - that I periodically go through. This one was prompted by an ad in an Antiques Magazine for some very old and very beautiful jewelry of the tropical genre, including a parrot and this palm tree.

As I remember, the brooch was enameled, with peridots on the leaves and topaz on the trunk. I stitched a number of these things - fish, etc., but didn't do any of the shells. I think that's what I shall do next, and probably offer some outline drawing on Freebies Etc. for peope to design their own ornaments with shells and fish. Small, bright and beautiful, and the imagination can soar.

Anyway, what a perfectly appropriate day to be showing a palm tree!! It's Palm Sunday.

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