Sunday, April 04, 2010

Calla Lilies in Talavera for Needlepoint

I have just now finished painting this, as it's destined for San Antonio for Fiesta later this month (The Yarn Barn), and realized it's an appropriate picture for a post today!!

As my family is off somewhere munching on Cadbury Creme eggs, jelly beans, etc.,(after doing Church things, of course), I'm painting crosses for the celebration commemorating Texas Independance with the victory at San Jacinto.

Anyway, the calla lily, although a native of South Africa - and the Isand of Madagascar, has been a beloved and symbolic flower of many cultures for many centuries, starting with the ancient Greeks. It's considered to represent "magnificent beauty," purity and chastity, so is appropriate for use at many festive occassions..

In Mexico, it has been grown and loved for several centuries - and was a favorite subject for the painter Diego Rivera. Lately I've seen it on many different ceramic objects in Talavera, so have enjoyed adapting this flower in this style to needlepoint!

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NCPat said...

I love Calla Lilies! Beautiful piece!