Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Color on the Nauticals!

At this point, the fish and the scallop shell are such fantasy, it's hard to remember that they started out as tracings from pictures of the actual things. As I said, the idea came to me several years ago when I realized that some antique jewelry pieces I saw in a magazine were in the shape of the real-life creatures, but embellished with glittering jewels.
This shell, for some reason, required these soft, pastel colors. I had something entirely different in my head when I first started - but like the softness of this. Originally, I intended to use "coral" or "peridots" on the peach band - but they were too bright and distracting.
Having two such differently colored canvases to work on is pleasant - when I get tired of the gaudy, glittering fish, I can switch to the scallop shell. The tail is worked with Petite Frosty Rays in a slanted stitch of 3 x 3 threads. I used the Frosty Rays effect instead of Flair, as I wanted the puffiness, and also the little bit of glitter of the inner filament. Hopefully it gives the effect of baguette garnets.
More tomorrow - or maybe something else more interesting. One never knows!! I should be painting, but would rather do this as creative avoidance for a little longer.

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Rachel said...

You're quite right about having two different colour schemes to work on - problems on one project seem magically to solve themselves while you work on the other, don't they!