Monday, April 26, 2010

A Fish with Rubies and Scallop with Pearls

These two are all finished now, so I'm eager to start on the next ones - which will be stitched with different threads for different reasons.

Threads shouldn't be chosen just because they are the right color - but should have a purpose in the character and look of the piece.
Also to consider is the way they look against each other in combination, as they should be enhancing in the overall scheme, but not distracting.
In the case of stitching models to show with painted canvases (I stitch my own), there should not be overkill on the number of threads used on one little ornament, as that not only looks messy; but it would run the cost of the project up to astronomical, and probably cause the design not to sell well on the retail level. As a wholesale designer (and retail on the web page), I must consider this carefully.
I could have used something else red on the fish for the fins, but decided to use the Flair I used for the jewels - it looks different anyway in basketweave, and there was no purpose in adding yet one more skein of thread to the cost of the ornament, just for a few little patches of color.
There are also several places where I could have used different metallics, but, again, this would not only be distracting, but would greatly add to the cost of the piece. Must be practical as well as pretty!!
Next will be some salt water fish with the Holographic threads by Kreinik - I have played with those quite a bit now to see how and WHY to use them for what wonderful effect they might produce. Fun!!

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Front Range Stitcher said...

Delightful! I am looking forward to seeing how the new Kreinik holographic works out.