Friday, May 02, 2008

The "Acoma Pot" finished!

A few days late - but it's finished! What do I call myself? The generator of big messes - out of chaos comes art ??? Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this, despite the days I spent wallowing in self pity because my back hurt and I couldn't work. Or play on the computer.
For this canvas, I didn't want the shape of the pot, but rather the pattern elements and the glorious colors of the mid 19th century piece - so the challenge was to try to arrange them in an attractive way without losing the "feeling" of the pottery. I will put it away and look at it again tomorrow or the next day, as I always find whatever needs fixing after not looking at it for a while. My main purpose, besides using the beautiful color palette for April, was to create a needlepoint canvas for use of beads - to illustrate that they needn't be just sparkly Christmas things. This design is far too busy to accomodate decorative, textured stitches, which would ruin it by being very distracting to the eye. However, it needs something to add a bit of interest, and the beads (without sparkle) are the perfect thing, I think. I have no idea when I will have time for this, but maybe it will motivate me to hurry and finish what I am committed to now (and show some good sense about overextending my energies and hurting my back again.) At the present time, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the books I ordered on Pueblo pottery - good study to begin!!!


NCPat said...

Awesome! Wonderful job on this! I can't wait to see how you do this one.

g said...

your painting area looks like an operating room compared to the mess i generate in Squiggeeland...i am wearing one of my unlucky painting shirts today...i have two, that i always spill paint...not the odd swipe...i mean a half a pot...and always, but always, a dark color like navy or black...or red...enough said about what red is the mustard of paint...stains immediately no matter what you i look pretty scruffy today...well scruffier than
g...better give you back a rest...