Thursday, May 22, 2008

Morning Glories and Crazy Quilts

Looking for something else this morning in my picture files (as usual) I found this I had forgotten about - as I remember, my friend Nina in N.C. sent it last year. She knows I love morning glories. Anyway, my beautiful 7mm silk ribbon from River Silks arrived several days ago - beautiful texture and color it has! I decided, along with Allie's new pictures of the current crazy quilt project, to go ahead and do morning glories first. This is how it begins: (with her permission and encouragement, of course). I printed out images from her blog and have studied them closely for color and embellishment - the colors are so right for the May TIF Challenge! Also, I look at the fabrics used, as part of the enjoyment for me is "replicating" the look of the fabrics in needlepoint - quite a challenge in itself. The next step was to dump out the fibers - and silk ribbon. I know better now than to pre-think what to use on each patch, as I always change my mind - it really works better in this genre to just kind of build it as I go with a basic color scheme in mind, of course. I forgot to show also the little vial of beads I pulled out - they look like pearls. (Sundance, as always). Somehow they just seemed right for these colors and threads. I drew on canvas two sizes of heart shapes on 18 mesh, and now will fool around with patches and shapes on tracing paper to see what happens. I have been determined to continue with the "heart shaped thing" with the crazy quilts in needlepoint, but I keep going back to one section of the quilt, and just don't think I can pull it off as a heart - we'll see! Anyway, it will be a most enjoyable and creative activity for me - and the motivation for finishing the morning glories will be wanting to start on the "Evening Primrose" version. I will have to play around with the 7mm ribbon, as the morning glory shape isn't going to be easy to do in silk ribbon - and I'm not quite sure of the scale yet. But it wouldn't be fun if it were totally easy and without challenge!! I won't put morning glories on this block, but aren't the colors and embroidered embellishments wonderful?!! I already know what I will do with that little pink and purple patch in the upper right corner.


Judy S. said...

Hello! It's going to be really fun to see how you proceed with this as I've watched Allie's project come together!

Amazing, you survived 4 boys! One nearly did me in. 2 earlier daughters and an only sister were not good preparation! LOL

Allison Ann Aller said...

You humble much more than you know.