Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beads and "Jeweled" Trims

This is another binge which began with my playing around with the laces and trims again, and trying out new effects with threads, metallics, and beads. These pieces are worked with a minimum of elements - just the Kreinik metallic, YLI ribbon floss, and Sundance beads - only the crystal clear #250 hexagonal. As the individual "bracelets" and chains are counted, I put them onto canvas first with a Pilot drawing pen - makes it much easier! I wanted a strong vertical element to offset the horizontals, so worked the ribbon floss up and over three threads. (Another happy accident: after the vertical lines were drawn, I realized the count was even (6), which made it possible to do this stitch.) It's absolutely amazing how different the ribbon floss looks. It is exactly the same thread from the same spool - on each the red and the white ornaments. Basketweave darkens and dulls the look, and the longer, flat stitches reflect the light in a way that lightens and brightens the area. I wanted the beads to be a subtle accent to add a bit of sparkle to the ornaments, so used them on the backgrounds as well as every other stitch on the vertical lines. The clear beads were applied on the red piece with red cotton floss. I am not pleased with the green "jewels" on the red ornament, as I think they add too much texture - but I'm short on patience for ripping out! I probably should have used the Renaissance Shimmer, as I did on the white one to make "turquoises." The effect of these threads, etc., is stunning - and brings to mind so many different things that could be done with them - rearranging, etc. on other shapes. I have now drawn a heart and an egg, as well as starting a set of napkin rings and a few more bracelets. The round one will probably go the "kissing ball" way. I have no idea what a kissing ball is, but the diaper pattern ornament was finished this way - over a styrofoam ball with shirring (moire) around it. The red one will, of course, have a beautiful tassel hanging from the bottom. On the diaper pattern ball, the red flowers are beaded, and you can see, again, the effect of the light on the YLI ribbon floss. Amazing! This little project will probably go on for a while before I get totally tired of it - as I can see also small things like scissors fobs and keyrings! Now - on to creating more patterns with "laces and trims."


NCPat said...

Very nice!

Happy Heart Designs said...

These are really pretty. I bet you have the best dressed Christmas tree around.