Monday, February 09, 2009

Crazy for March: Progress!

I had to put the Crazy for Birthdays series aside for a while, as I got really busy with other things - including the Pueblo pottery pieces with beads. Then I spent some very enjoyable time stitching on Gail's beautiful sea creatures - but now that I'm behind a few months, I need to get back on this project.

I already had this drawn on canvas and the beads for the "aquamarines" chosen - and of course lots of threads in a clear bag. As usual, none of them suited me when I dumped them out, so I started over on the threads and colors. As I've said before, these birthday crazies have a mind of their own, so I just proceed one patch at a time putting in the colors until it looks right.

After doing "December," I have fairly well worked out the daffodil thing from doing the narcissus (same flower, different color), so it shouldn't be too difficult. Here is the picture I have put back to work from.

Now I need to go back and finish "August," which only lacks the gladioli, and then finish "January," which is only half done. I'll next jump ahead to "April," which is already on canvas with the diamonds worked - and that should fairly well catch me up. June is finished, of course, so I need to get going on May and July when I start "seeing" them in my head.


Anne Stradal said...

You're making me itch to do another crazy quilt egg! Lovely stitches, not overdone but vibrant!

Napa Needlepoint said...

I love this one, it looks so much like spring, something I could use on this rainy morning.

Keep Stitching,