Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Napkin Rings in Needlepoint

While working on these little "hearts and flower" things with Bargello, I began thinking what a great idea it would be to make seasonal/festive table accessories in needlepoint (in addition to coasters). I've seen mini-stockings used as flatware holders - but no napkin rings.

Painted canvases are rather expensive for this sort of thing - justifiably so, as it takes a lot of time to design, draw, and paint them - but there are so many things we can do for ourselves that don't involve painting, and which are very easy to put on canvas for ourselves.

I started playing around with this idea a few days ago - and got out all of the ornaments, etc., I keep in a drawer that are stitched, but not finished. Just looking at them, I realized that many many of the individual elements on these pieces could be used very effectively as napkin rings. I took photos, and then cropped these elements to see how they might look.

The crazy quilt piece is just a cross section of a round ornament - it could be elongated easily and used. As for size, I discovered that a good size would be approximately 5 1/2" in circumference, which makes a ring of 1 1/2" diameter. I didn't do this by the mathematical device of Pi x Radius squared, as I was taught in plane geometry, but by cutting off a piece of a toilet paper tube to try it out for size with my daughter's fine damask napkins. As for height, I believe this would work as about 1 1/2" high to even 2".

The red flowers are the division between body and cuff of a mini-stocking (one of my "laces and trims" things), and the next one is the center part of a very simple ornament I made years and years ago with nothing more than Kreinik metallic braid and Rainbow Gallery Flair in simple slanted stitches. The tiny little patchwork squares are about one inch square (except for the green and white one) and could easily be manipulated to go across a band of 5 1/2" to make a napkin ring - fun!!

You could try this out for yourself - and might be surprised at how easy it is. I'm thinking festive occassions like bridal showers, birthdays, "just because" - whatever. Easter and the other obvious holidays too. What heirlooms they would make also!!

I intend to put the Bargello/heart piece on my Freebies, Etc. blog - but not tonight. I'm watching the movie on TCM about George Gershwin, whose music I love. I've been doing this all day, beginning with The Great Caruso - wonderful day for stitching!!

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