Monday, February 16, 2009

A Great Announcement!

I was just killing time and stalling work this morning, and checked on progress of Nancy Laux's new web page for her Needle House in Houston. My own web host, Steve Watkins of Star Net Services has been working on it for quite a while - and there it is!!

This has been, along with Bobbi Ravicz's Yarn Barn of San Antonio (from which she has now retired) my very favorite shop in Texas. Nancy, the owner, along with her staff, is the pleasantest and most knowledgable to deal with I have encountered in many years. She was the inspiration behind my Faberge' style cloisonne enameled and jeweled crosses that kept me busy for so many years, I finally gave up and sold them to Inge at Creative Needle - I got really tired of painting them. (I am lazy these days).

Anyway - do go check out this web page - it's still growing, and I'm sure will be quite exciting in the future. Off to a good start with her exclusive on Janet Burnet's (A.C.O.D.) gorgeous jeweled tree ornament series.