Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Beautiful Historic Building

I'm glad these ladies stay so busy these days, as it relieves me from worrying about something new for my blog that I would have to do myself. (Anne, Gail Hendrix, and Jan Fitzpatrick)

Anne Stradal is now showing the Mission of San Juan Capistrano - as it's that time again for the swallows to return (do I hear Las Golondrinas with guitars in the background?) Anyway, the stitching is beautiful on this one, as is her historic research. Do go see it!!
ADDENDUM: I just asked Anne if she would, since she is the expert at architectural adaptations, do Hook Wreck Henry's Dockside Cafe for me down at my beloved Panacea, Florida. ( a friend of my son's owns it). She said "No." Oh well. At least I got the St. Marks lighthouse.

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