Friday, March 06, 2009

Needlepoint Now

A grand announcement - It's O.K., I'm told, as it was announced at Callaway Gardens a while back. I have had some e-mails from people wondering why the magazine is a bit late this time. It is because it is back on the original schedule of being mailed out on the 6th day of every odd numbered month.

Our beloved Joyce Lukomski has sold it to Elizabeth Bozievich, and is very very pleased with this arrangement, as she will keep a finger in the pie, but be relieved of the enormous responsibility of editing and publishing a magazine, and can enjoy her family and continue teaching with more leisure. She will be still on board to help out and advise - and is delighted with the whole thing.

Both ladies were gracious enough to call me (actually on the telephone!!) several weeks ago to tell me this news. I was so pleased to chat with Elizabeth, who has grand plans to continue to make the magazine great, as Joyce envisions, herself. This has been "in the mill" for several years, as they have been working together to prepare for it - so everyone is pleased! We will all support and encourage Elizabeth, I'm sure.


g said...

very is great to see that such quality and talent like yourself , the new owner and aided by the previous , keep this mag.going...

LIZ said...

I have talked to Elizabeth as well and the last time, a week or two ago, she said the March/April issue was at the printers. Won't be long now!!
I certainly wish Elizabeth all the best in this new undertaking. Putting out a magazine just has to be a LOT of work!