Sunday, March 08, 2009

Using Sundance Beads

Since Jane has shouted the news from Chilly Hollow about Nandra and Cassie's book on using beads with needlepoint, I'll show again the pieces (two pictures only) that I've done with those most wonderful of beads (Sundance) - there are none equal in quality or diversity on the planet as far as seed beads go.( See the 38 posts on using beads by clicking on the label on my sidebar.)

I've been using them for about ten years, and also have a book, but I don't wholesale - a few shops use it for teaching purposes.Mine is showing by chapters on my web page as e-patterns, but I've only done half of it as "Chapter I." It has been totally slanted to use only Sundance beads, and my technique is a little different from theirs.

I have nagged and nagged Nandra about showing beads with their trunk shows, as they add such a delightful dimension to needlepoint painted canvas, especially where textured stitches and fuzzy threads would mess up the surface and design, - but where something is definitely needed for enhancement.

The first picture is of pieces I stitched to show that beads may be used for more than just a few little sparklers on Christmas ornaments - the crystal clear ones are my total favorites, as I can get lots and lots of different effects with them.

The second picture is the Zuni Rainbird (a Sundance design by E.T.A.) that is featured in my article in the current Needlepoint Now - along with the Pueblo ornaments by Anne Stradal. Nandra is having it finished to show in Dallas along with their beads, etc. and line of painted canvases.

Anyway, the task now is to continue to convince more shops to carry Sundance beads. The little book will be shown at market - Dallas in April is the next one. Alert your favorite LNS! and meanwhile go to Chilly Hollow and see a picture of the book, etc.

Incidentally, The Busy Needle in Tucson also has the book, and they are outstanding in mail orders, etc. There is a link on my side bar to the Sundance Online catalog, where you can see these gorgeous beads - very well organized.

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